STREETWISE is a 7 day residential programme delivered by CIT Crawford College of Art and Design’s Creativity and Change programme in partnership with Youth Work Ireland Cork.

Streetwise is a training for youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers and anyone engaging with young people who want to bring more creativity to their work and who are interested in nurturing a  Global citizenship in their practice.
Streetwise will host participants with partner organisations from Ireland, the UK, Hungary & Italy. 

The Streetwise programme provides a space to build skills, competencies, motivation and methodological approaches for Youth workers and  organisations who engage young people to nurture competencies  to enable them to grow a responsible, empathetic, resilient and critically engaged Global Citizens. It focuses on creative writing and  urban  arts  for public engagement and the street as a place to communicate messages of  Global citizenship and to advocate for justice issues.


We believe that art & creative processes can ….
  •  play an effective role in building empathy and connectivity
  •  facilitate deep and meaningful learning about ourselves and the work around us
  •  allow us to engage with other perspectives, views and ideas
  •  enable us to respond to issues and circumstances that concern us
  •  provide a power means to communicate messages and engage other in global justice themes 


Workshops engaging with the themes of

• Active global citizenship

• Global justice themes

• Advocacy and campaigning

Training in facilitation methods such as creative writing approaches to support young people to develop and articulate their ideas around themes that concern them.

Training in specific tools for creating street art that enables young people to express themselves.
• Making stencils
• Pasteups

• Collage

-To support participants to nurture young people’s sense of and understanding of active global citizenship
-To equip participants with facilitation skills that enable young people to find their voice and express their opinions, advocating for local and global justice issues
-To explore useful competences for young global citizens and how to nurture  these competences such as empathy, ability to advocate for self and others, curiosity, initiative/ participation critical thinking skills etc
-To support participants to develop practical skills that engage young people to create public street art expressing their opinions and ideas. eg Graffiti, Stencil, Paste-ups.
-To nurture participants own creativity to enable them to support young peoples creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The methodology with focus on the model of learning that connects the
HEAD- knowledge, know-how,
HANDS- Practical skills and motivation and initiative to be active
& HEART- understanding, empathy, emotional relationship to themes and connection to personal values and attitudes.

The training will guide the youth workers through an experiential process that will help them develop their own personal connection to the themes of active global citizenship, social justice and importance of initiative and advocacy (head and heart)

The training will create meaningful spaces of reflection on the experience and how it can be applied in their direct work with young people. (Head and Heart)

The active experiential approach will support motivation and passion to engage young people in themes and approaches and to put learning into action (heart and hands)

The practical skills based elements will provide specific tools to put the learning into action with young people (hands)

The programme will include Provision of Information about Erasmus + to facilitate development of future collaboration in Erasmus +, youth pass & DEOR workshops

Intercultural exchange will underpin the experience

A launch and showcase of work created will take place to engage the public and others working in the sector

The training plans to create time for personal reflection and connection with the themes as well as the focus on applying methodologies to their with young people.

The working methods represent a balanced approach to experiential learning with space for participant to propose topics and focus's beyond the planned content for the training. The participants will build skills in taking initiative and responsibility for their learning in a supportive environment contributing to their social and personal development

The Participant young people/ youth workers will be actively involved in each stage of the project, from inputting the design to proposing topics and will consider the implementation of their learning in youth settings

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